Why I Am Running For HD 65


Best way is to tell the truth. America was not, is not and never will be perfect, because it is and always will be run by imperfect people, but we can learn from both the good and the bad. There are good things about America's history, and some very tragic things, but we need to put an end to people manipulating history for political gain.

The history of slavery in America is not a white on black story. In 1655, Anthony Johnson, a black man, was the first man in America to be recognized by the Court as a slave owner, and to succeed in having an indentured slave declared his slave for life. Further, some of America's most notorious slave owners and breeders were black as well: Anthony Johnson, William Ellison, Antoine Dubuclet, Marie Therese Metoyer, The Pendarvis Family...

While it is relevant to record that many of our founding fathers were slave owners, it is also relevant to note that the Democrat Party fought to keep slavery in the 1860's, fought AGAINST the civil rights movement in the 1900's, and that even our current president was at one time fighting against desegregation.


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