Why I Am Running For HD 65


This is a concept being pushed by the Marxist /socialist movement in America, but I have not seen it personally; nor have the millions, who every year, risk everything they own and even their lives to get here from other countries. This is not to say that there are not some whites that hate blacks, and some blacks that hate whites, because there will always be a few who dislike anyone different from themselves, as well as those that for political gain, seek to inflame them.

However, in America, people of color have attained to the highest offices in the nation, are among some of our most accomplished business executives and most revered athletes.

It is also worth noting that America's first self-made female millionaire, Sarah Breedlove aka C.J. Walker, was a black woman, the daughter of emancipated slaves turned sharecroppers, who was orphaned at 6, married at 14, and widowed at 20 with a child. But rather than wallow in her difficulties, she seized the American dream, and then spent much of her life trying to teach others how to do what she did. Her story, and those of others like her, regardless of color or gender, should be the core of reading materials in every school.

The American Dream does not recognize color or gender, and often not even age. It is realized by serving the needs and desires of other first, and in doing so, anyone can have anything he/she wants, by first helping enough others get what they want.


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