Resolution Regarding Defense of Person and Property
Authored by Peyton Inge and passed in session by the Denton County Executive Committee for for SD 12 & SD30, July 2020

Whereas our Constitution demands that no one be deprived of life, liberty or property except by due process of law;

Whereas while George Floyd had a criminal history of arrest and incarceration spanning decades, including for armed robbery and threatening to murder a woman and her unborn child, his recent death during restraint in an attempted arrest denied him his constitutional right to trial;

Whereas justice demands that the person(s) responsible be identified, and held to give an account before his peers as to whether his actions were justified or not;

Whereas justice is being served, as the man seen restraining Floyd as he died, has been identified, arrested, charged, and will now stand trial to be judged by his peers;

Whereas in consideration of the preceding, there is no just cause for the violent protests and rioting seen nationwide,

Whereas we have seen police and first responders stand and watch as rioters destroy life and property across America, while at the same time themselves being at risk of loss of life and limb while being assaulted by the rioters;

Whereas our police and first responders have stood by not out of fear of the rioters, but are instead restrained by threat of prosecution for any harm that be suffered by the rioters; (see recent events in Dallas, Ft Worth and other cities across the U.S. over use of teargas, rubber bullets, etc.);

Whereas we are seeing our elected representatives act to appease these violent actors through promises of symbolic and/or legislative actions, which only serve to embolden and actually empower them further;

Whereas in consideration of the preceding, it is painfully apparent that our elected officials and police either cannot or will not defend us under existing legislative restraints;

Therefore Be it Hereby Resolved that we the Denton County Executive Committee for Senatorial Districts 12 and 30 hereby demand that our Governor immediately call an emergency session of the legislature for the specific purpose of:

a) Empowering the people to defend themselves and their property, wherever located, against violent actors, and to do so with no duty to retreat and with any and all means available to them, to include seeking and obtaining help from neighbors or countrymen;
b) Expanding immunity statutes to fully protect from prosecution, police, and other defenders, defending against or acting to quell any mass act of violence or destruction of persons and/or property.

And Be It Further Hereby Resolved that upon adoption, the Denton County Chair shall, with in two (2) business days thereafter, deliver a copy of same to the Governor of the Sate of Texas, our respective state and national representatives, and the office of the President of the United States.

Submitted by Peyton Inge, Precinct 4018

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