Gender Modification

There is an insanity sweeping our nation, where we are granting special recognition, privilege, and/or protection to some, simply over how they get their sexual gratification; and to blur the reality there is now the additional push to pretend there are no genders. Fact is men and women are physically, emotionally and spiritually different. Neither better than the other; they were created by God to compliment each other, not to compete with each other. Men do not belong in the womenís bathroom, nor in womenís sports.

We live in an amazing time where we can repair, remove, add or even relocate body parts; doing so can change an appearance, but not the genetics. I would submit that many a man has come back from war, wounded to the degree he can no longer father a child, but if you were to tell him to his face that he was no longer a man, to put it mildly, letís just say he probably would not appreciate it.

Children are easily emotionally manipulated, and if one were so impacted that he/ she wanted to cut off say an ear (maybe he/she thought it messed up the hair style they favored), that child would be immediately placed under some serious supervision and counseling, and removed from any parent or influence encouraging such insanity. In contrast, because it fills a profitable political niche, parents / teachers / guardians encouraging children to cut their penis off, or remove their breasts, are being given full protection and even empowerment. There are not words to adequately describe how disgustingly sick this is, nor to describe one who turns a blind eye to it.

The Christian Counter