Peyton Inge addressing the Texas Electoral College in Austin, December 2020
Why I Am Running For HD 65

Electoral College

Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 receiving 59% of the Electoral College vote, but less than 40% of the popular vote; without the Electoral College, slavery might still be the rule of law in many states today.

When the states gathered together in 1787 to form "a more perfect union", it is clear that by inclusion of "more" they understood what they were creating was not perfect. Some of those joining the Union were slave states, and though there was no way to resolve it at the time, Article I, Section 9 indicates that as a whole, they were only willing to limit the time before they could begin to try to do something about it.

It is important to also understand that at that time, slavery was not just a white over black issue. In 1655, Anthony Johnson, a black man, was the first man in America to be recognized by the Court as a slave owner, and to succeed in having an indentured slave declared his slave for life. Further some of America's most notorious slave owners and breeders were black as well: Anthony Johnson, William Ellison, Antoine Dubuclet, Marie Therese Metoyer, The Pendarvis Family...

Despite this, America was founded on the overriding conviction that God had granted to every individual, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that those individual rights were inalienable; neither "government" nor any majority / mob should infringe upon same. Article II, Section I of the Constitution established the Electoral College. The Electoral College was designed to protect those inalienable rights from mob rule. It guaranteed that all parts of the country had a voice in its future, not just a handful of very densely populated areas; just as without it slavery might still be practiced, so too without the Electoral College, the policies destroying the major Northeast and West coast cities would be in control of the entire country today.

The Democrat party fought against Lincoln's election in 1860, fought him on the battlefield, then fought the realization of emancipation and equal rights well into the 1900's, and to this day, it continues to seek to replace the cheap slave labor it lost, with ignorant, unassimilated immigrants. Who has not heard leadership say that those crossing our border illegally "…will do the work Americans won't".

The regressive, Marxist / socialist movement in America is has embraced Germany's socialist movement tactics of the 1920's & 30's that brought the NAZI's to power. The National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - NAZI's) were socialists. Worse than no tolerance, they truly appear to hate anyone that does not hold to their positions.

Unless America, rises up and puts a stop to it, the nation may cease to exist as we have known it. In 2020, I was honored to serve as Presidential Elector for Congressional District 26, and I am asking to send me back to Austin to fight for this great state.



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