Why I Am Running For HD 65


The State Board of Education's willingness to accept substandard materials goes back as far as I can remember. In the early 1980's Texas purchased history books the first draft of which came out with over 2,000 mistakes ranging from simple punctuation to misidentifying the country we dropped the atom bomb on. Some errors were corrected but many were simply "addressed" in an addendum added to the teacher's manual. Today, it appears that the greater focus and expenditure is for entertainment and social engineering, with the expected results in how our schools rank globally today.

The push to weave regressive social engineering into curriculums is not new, it just keeps phase shifting. In the 1960's Situational Ethics was a big deal, then it was everyone must decide what is right in their own eyes. This required removal of any standard apart from the individual, so the 10 Commandments came off the wall and the Principal's paddle went into the trash.

Going on now for 3 generations, we have been chasing Social / Emotional Learning ("SEL") or feelings based methods of trying to teach individual responsibility and interaction, as compared to a standards / lines to not be crossed based method, and is not working. We have gone from teachers' biggest problems being kids running in the halls, talking or chewing gum in class, to every school that can afford it having its own police force, mental health professionals on staff at school, and a record number of children on medications to control their behavior. Many teachers do not feel safe in their own classes, and some are asking for cameras so as to deal with aggressive / disruptive students and even parents who tend to bend truth and reality to get their way.

We thought we could stem this by allowing individual school districts to chose their own curriculum (2011) and recently enacted legislation to ban CRT, but the new SEL curriculums adopted by many schools, are an open door for any teacher wanting to continue pushing CRT without parental awareness

CRT and SEL, like other destructive classroom/library teaching materials and literature, exists in the schools solely because those elected by the people, are purchasing or allowing them to be purchased for our classrooms. It will be very difficult to legislate our way out this because the standard that once existed for morality, right and wrong, and even "Truth" has been abandoned and largely replaced with one that changes with the whims of the most vocal in society. However, we can:

A) Shift the focus and funding to the basics, or "3 R's" as they used to be called;
B) Require reading and literature be focused on historical figures / events that have had a profound impact on our history, culture, science...; especially of those who have succeeded despite great adversity.
C) Mandate time relative parental access to all materials and resources being used, with school funding penalties and/or parental recovery for damages and legal costs for school's noncompliance, which would be a major stride in expanding parental awareness and affording the opportunity for proactive parental interaction;
D) Pornographic materials have been placed in school curriculums and libraries under "Educational" exemption statutes. This must be amended to require any such materials be individually approved by the corresponding School Board by 2/3rds majority, open meeting, recorded vote prior to dissemination /use;
E) Provide for parental right to exclude materials from their child's curriculum, but if one student has access to something, it will find a way to get to another;
F) Ban manipulative / responsive reprogramming learning. These include question /answer lessons, sometimes hidden under Social – Emotional Learning curriculums or "mental health" to assess a perceived "bias", and which then alters course materials to influence a "more desired" perception /attitude;
G) For teacher safety, allow classroom cameras if requested by the teacher

The above will help, but the final solution lies in the ballot box for: a) the Governor who appoints the Chair of the SBE; b) State Board of Education; and c) local school boards.


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